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Imagine living like a king some day.

My girlfriend is perfect.
She's also mine.
Did i mention I love her?

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when you try to click an image on tumblr to see a bigger version but you get redirected to someones blog


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i wouldnʻt know……

“[That song]’s mostly a true story,” admits singer Jordan Dreyer in the latest issue of Rock Sound. “A year or two ago, down the street from where Brad [Vander Lugt, drums] and I work, a kid was shot. It’s an area that’s been riddled with gang violence, which has been really sad to witness. It was the son of a lady I work with’s best friend. He was shot accidentally in a drive-by shooting that was intended for the group of people he was getting off the bus with - friends from his school. There were a couple of days where everyone knew who had done it and who had been shot.
There was this weird, eerie calm, and they found the guy in a hotel room on the other side of town. He locked himself in his room and shot himself. That line ‘Can I still get to heaven if I kill myself?’ is something he asked his uncle when talking about what to do.”

Don’t You Ever Change on We Heart It.

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